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Community Biogas Moldova (ComBioM) is a project that will prepare for the introduction and adaptation of small-scale community biogas for rural Moldova. During the second half of 2019 technical capacity building (job-shadowing) and a technical, economic and legal feasibility study of a pilot digester will be conducted by GENESCOTEC of Moldova. This will be combined with a public communication component managed by the Global Ecovillage Network of Europe's biogas team. This second component will include a participatory stakeholder analysis on how receptive community development change-makers, both professional and voluntary social mobilizers, are to the concept of community biogas. The results will be publicized in part through a national conference on community biogas held towards the end of the project. The results of the project will be to feed into the project application for an implementation phase in which a pilot biogas plant would be built at EcoVisio's training center in Ecovillage Moldova in Riscova village in 2020.

This current phase is funded by Swedish Sida's program Demo Environment executed by the Swedish Agency for Regional and Economic Growth and implemented by NGO RELEARN Suderbyn of Gotland.

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Project Partners

Relearn NGO:

RELEARN Suderbyn is a non-profit NGO working locally and internationally with environmental resilience, social justice, respect for human rights and democratic development, transformative education and international cooperation for sustainable development. We have experience in working with and leading various transnational projects: locally, within the Baltic region and internationally.

Global Ecovillage Network of Europe (NextGEN Biogas Team):

GEN Europe is the European ecovillage association promoting social resilience, environmental protection and restoration of nature through the concept of ecovillages as models for sustainable human settlements. 

The NextGEN Biogas team is a sub-team of NextGEN Europe, the youth wing of the ecovillage network.
Our mission is: "To stand as living examples of young people intentionally connecting with and taking action in their communities or ecovillages. To provide education and opportunities to collaborate for young people ready to co-create a peaceful and regenerative culture."

EcoVisio NGO

EcoVisio is a grassroots NGO from Moldova. 

We envision Moldova and its neighbours as a model region of empowered society, healthy environment and vigorous, fair economy.

We are dedicated to realizing the full potential of our region as a model of sustainable development. To this end we run educational and empowerment programs, bring together key actors and foster ecological and social innovation. We promote active citizenship, environmental and economic resilience, social entrepreneurship and rural development by nurturing a growing community of change makers in Moldova


GENESCOTEC is a Moldovan company which provides energy services, such as energy audits, Energy Planning, etc.

In this project GENESCOTEC is responsible for the development of the feasibility study for the community based biogas system in Răzeni.

Media & Pubblications

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December 3rd - National Conference
IarmarEco exhibition:
Workshop #1: Riscova Ecovillage (5th October 2019)
Biogas Internship at Suderbyn Ecovillage gallery:
NextGEN Biogas Team
Assemblying Puxin's biodigester's moulds:

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